Jet Flash Percolator Beaker Bong

Vendor: Blaze Glass

Title: Clear


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This thing stands at almost 20 inches tall and boasts a HUGE capacity for those of you with iron lungs. Once created the smoke has to first enter the 'Flash' chamber under the bowl where the smoke is spun via a trio of 'Vortex Notches' which cause it to speed up and cool down. Then the smoke is pulled into a standard spec removable diffused downstem into the big beaker base. After slowly passing through the beaker the smoke is passed through another vortex diffuser to finish the filtering process and then rises into the main shaft which has two more 'bubbles' on the way up to increase capacity even further. Only the toughest will clear this beast in one go. The main bong joint where the diffuser drops in is an 18.8mm female joint with all other joints including those on the bowl and the 'Flash' chamber being 14.4mm.