Jet Flash Mini Beaker Bong

Vendor: Blaze Glass

Title: Clear


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The Jet Flash mini beaker bong from Blaze Glass is a great little piece in a small package. The 14.4mm male flower bowl sits in a removable downstem with diffuser slits at it's base. The smoke then has to rise through a trio of 'Vortex Notches' which cause the air to spin in the upper chamber and cause all the water to hit the glass and not make it as far as your mouth. The beaker base has a big capacity for such a short piece and will definitely give you the hit you are looking for. There is also a carb hole in the side for when you feel like clearing it hard. To finish the look the Blaze 'Flash' logo is printed down the side of the vortex chamber.

Additional Information

Clear, Black