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Iolite Vaporizer Version 2.0

Iolite Vaporizer Version 2.0
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  • Product Description

    Introducing the Iolite Vaporizer Version 2.0 - a revolutionary cordless vaporizer from the designers at Iolite in Ireland (previously known as I-Inhale). For direct inhalation of vapour, Iolite Vaporizer (I-Inhale) is a pocket size vaporiser. Using patented technology it creates the heat you need to vaporise anytime, anywhere within 45 seconds.

    More than just a sleek lightweight design this cordless wonder is a rugged heavy-duty vaporiser that appeals to everyone, from the light to intense user. Making vaporising a whole lot healthier and easier. 

    Combining a smart design and innovative technology Iolite have defined the next generation in vaporising herbs.

    This upgraded version of the Original Iolite emphasizes the importance of the moisture condenser which is meant to create more air space inside the filling chamber to allow for bigger, more flavorful hits.

    Iolite is healthier, it’s cordless and it delivers.

    The Iolite Vaporiser is available in eight exciting colours! 

    Now also available in black!

  • Technical Specifications
    adjustable temperature One Preset
    brand Iolite
    compatibility Dry Herb
    height 141mm
    inhalation method Direct
    material Acrylic
    mouthpiece Acrylic
    power Gas / Butane
    vaporization method Conduction/Convection
    width 61mm
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