Inline Dome Perc Bong Nautilus

Inline Dome Perc Bong Nautilus

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  • 18.8mm Male Joint
  • 43cm Height
  • 4mm Glass thickness
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Black Leaf Inline Dome Perc Bong - Nautilus

Introducing the Nautilus inline dome perc bong from the Black Leaf glass collection, this 44cm tall glass bong with a cool blue ocean vibe includes an inline dome percolator which results in purer and superior hits.

With a strong borosilicate base and a female 18.8mm joint size, this durable glass bong allows for a smooth result because of the inline percolator. This sideways perc allows a larger surface area which therefore enables a more sensitive and bigger hit. Add to the mix the secondary 4 slit dome percolator and ice notches that Black Leaf include this creates a great and unique effect for the user.

Topped off with the classic Black Leaf logo and the funky ocean blue Nautilus logo this is a must for new and veteran bong enthusiasts alike.

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