EHLE Bongs - Ice Hole Straight Glass Bong

Vendor: EHLE

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Premium EHLE Bongs

This totally unique design from EHLE is one that you won't see anywhere else. The base for this bong was one of their original straight tubes and all they wanted to add was an Ice Hole, but they wanted it to be different! So instead of the usual pressed in spikes or bubbles like you see with most pinches they instead inserted a slightly smaller tube straight through the middle of the original one which creates enough of a blockage to both hold your ice cubes and break up the big water bubbles and stop any moisture from getting to your lips. It also means there is literally a hole all the way through the centre of your bong which not only gives you an added place to hold it when you pick it up, but also looks absolutely savage when you milk it up and see the hole through the middle.

EHLE Bongs | Premium Bongs UK

The added stability of the hexagonal base means you will find it hard to knock this beast over by accident and the thick hand made glass can take it's fair share of knocks. The down-stem is removable and uses 18.8mm joints for both the bong and bowls joints. Included with the bong is a 18.8mm female flower bowl so you can get busy taking huge rips straight out of the box.