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Ice Bong with UFO Perc and Splash Guard
Ice Bong with UFO Perc and Splash Guard

Ice Bong with UFO Perc and Splash Guard
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Blaze Glass
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In a Nutshell
  • UFO Percolator
  • Diffused Downstem
  • 5mm thick glass

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  • Product Description

    This is a serious bong in a relatively small package from the guys at Blaze Glass. They really couldn't have packed in any more features if they had tried. First off your smoke travels down a diffused downstem into the lower chamber. Then the smoke is bubbled up through a UFO percolator and lastly in the filtration cycle it rises up into a multi-slitted splash guard which catches the last droplets of water. Once fully cleaned the smoke's final journey is through a restrictor ring near the mouthpiece which causes the air flow to momentarily speed up and cause it to cool even more. The downstem has a 14.4mm female ground glass joint and they include a 14.4mm male ground glass jointed bowl to match.

  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 3.7cm
    diffuser Yes
    downstem length 10cm
    glass thickness 5mm
    ice notch Yes
    includes Downstem & Bowl
    joint Female
    joint angle 60 degrees
    joint size 14.4mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator Yes
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