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Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc with Colored Glass
Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc with Colored Glass
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Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc with Colored Glass
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Blaze Glass
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In a Nutshell
  • 10-Arm Tree Perc
  • Black glass artwork
  • Ice Pinch

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  • Product Description
    At nearly 19 inches tall this massive Ice Bong from Blaze Glass is certainly something that will catch your eye. The intricate designs around the base and neck come in a variety of layouts inspired by ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Native Americans. The functionality of this piece has not been overlooked though, the black glass down stem is removable and has slits in it's base to start to break up the smoke as it is pulled through. Then it rises up through a 10-Arm Tree precolator for a second level of filtration. Finally, above that, they added the ice pinch in case you want to take it down a few more degrees and add some ice cubes the game. The extra wide base is great for stability and they have also fitted a carb hole for those who like to milk and clear over and over again. The down stem has a 14.4mm female joint and Blaze Glass include a matching 14.4mm male bowl with black glass side handle to finish it off.
  • Technical Specifications
    diameter 6.9cm
    diffuser Yes
    downstem length 11.7cm
    glass thickness 5mm
    ice notch Yes
    includes Downstem & Bowl
    joint Female
    joint angle 60 degrees
    joint size 14.4mm
    material Borosilicate Glass
    percolator Yes
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