Homegrown 2.35" 4-piece grinder

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Vendor: Cali Crusher

Title: Black

Gun metal Grey

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The Homegrown from Cali Crusher is next level when it comes to grinders. The 4-piece design has been thoroughly engineered to give flawless operation under pretty much any conditions. Starting with the way the parts attach, they decided that a threaded design was too much effort and too time consuming to use, so they came up with their 4-way Quicklock sytem meaning you need just a quarter of a turn to either lock or open the grinder. The sifter screen is removable for easy cleaning and the collector bowl underneath has rounded contours to make it easier to scrape out your catch with the included guitar pick scraper. The radial teeth have been cleverly designed so that, not only do they allow for more material to be put in the grinder to start with but also, when you twist the grinder in one direction it will shred your material and then when you twist in the other it will fluff it up. The blades and teeth are covered by a lifetime warranty and the grinder itself is made of aerospace grade aluminum so will take anything you can throw at it. Lastly the neodymium magnets will mean the lid never comes off unless you want it to. This really is a grinder for someone who wants the best of the best.

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Black, Gun metal Grey, Gold, Purple