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Herb Mill XL acrylic grinder
Herb Mill XL acrylic grinder

Herb Mill XL acrylic grinder
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Storz & Bickel
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In a Nutshell
  • Made by Storz & Bickel
  • 90mm diameter
  • Diamond shaped teeth for a fine grind

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  • Product Description

    We are constantly getting asked by our customers 'Why can't I get a massive grinder without paying a fortune?'. Well now you can! Storz and Bickel of Germany have listened to their customers and come out with this: The Herb Mill XL. It is, a frankly absurd, 90mm in diameter which means you can fit a huge amount of material into it. The diamond shaped teeth are super sharp and have been designed to cut up even the toughest herbs without any problems. The teeth are also very close together which means you get a very fine grind which is great for both smoking and vaping. The top section has a lid which means you can store a small amount of un-ground herbs in one side of the grinder. If you need a big grinder that won't hit your wallet then this is the piece for you. 

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