Airistech Headbanger

Vendor: Airistech

Colour: Black


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Headbanger Vaporizer

Airistech are proud to  introduce us to the Headbanger, it is a unique vaporizer as it boasts two methods to heat your concentrates, “dipping” and “Dabbing”. The Headbanger is made from quality aluminium and has a glass bubbler mouthpiece which cools the vapour by filtering it through water before it hits your lungs ensuring a smooth tasty vapour cloud. This well thought out device has a magnetic top cover which also houses a spare quartz jar, so you will never need to worry about running out of concentrate while on the road. You can also choose from 4 different colours.

Dipping and Dabbing

This revolutionary vaporizer uses two advanced coils both utilizing the new patented Q cell technology that uses a fritted glass quartz surface allowing for increased absorption resulting in improved flavour and tremendous vapour production. The Q1 atomizer is going to make vaping on the go even easier, no need to fill up a chamber or prepare beforehand, just take the magnetic cap off “dip” the “touch coil” into your concentrate hit the button and inhale, it's like having a portable Dab rig! If your yearning for a bigger hit then just fill up the Q2 coil chamber with your favorite concentrate swap over the chambers and vape away.


Airistech have used a beasty 1500mAh battery giving you a healthy charge time so you can enjoy prolonged and strong battery support. The battery powers the three voltage settings which are indicated by an LED light on the button, the green light indicates 3.4V, the Blue 3.7V and the Red light indicates it is using 4V, these settings can be cycled through by quickly pressing the button three times. The battery on the Headbanger uses a micro USB to charge it meaning it can easily be replaced.


  • Dimensions = 109mm x 38mm x 20mm
  • Weight = 285g
  • For concentrates only
  • Dual function vaporizer
  • On/Off - Click power button 5 times
  • Voltage - Green = 3.4V, Blue = 3.7V, Red = 4V
  • Heating method - Dab and vape; Touch and vape
  • Micro USB charger port
  • 1500mAh lithium ion battery
  • Replaceable parts - Glass water bubbler, Q2 Dab coil, Q1 Dip coil, Quartz jars.

Kit includes

  • 1* Headbanger battery
  • 1* Q1 Dip coil
  • 1* Q2 Dab coil
  • 1* Magnetic tank cover
  • 2* Quartz jars
  • 1* Glass water bubbler
  • 1* Stainless dab tool
  • 1* Micro USB charger
  • 1* Carry bag
  • 1* Cleaning brush
  • 1* User manual


  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Rainbow
Additional Information

Black, Red, Blue, Rainbow