Glass Skull Dab Rig


Color: Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear
Metallic Gold
Metallic Chrome

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Glass Skull Dab Rig

The Glass Skull Dab Rig is the ideal piece for those of us who are having trouble leaving their goth phase behind. It is a wonderful water rig with a diffused downstem and 14mm male ground joint. It has everything you need to enjoy your concentrate, straight out of the box!

The Glass Skull Dab Features include

  • The unit is 7 Inches Tall
  • 14mm Male Ground Joint
  • Fixed Diffused Downstem
  • Available in three colours; Crystal Clear, Metallic Chrome, or Metallic Gold


Spooky Skull Shape

The most striking and obvious feature of this piece is it’s skull shaped design. It comes in three fantastic colours, either a classic crystal clear glass, a metallic chrome, or a fancy metallic gold so you can have the skull that’s right for you!

The mysterious skull is a symbol of rebels, rock and roll, and dark fun. The rounded skull has a flat base for easier use and handling. A six slitted downstem rests inside, ready to condition your psychedelic smoke.

Fixed Diffused Downstem

One of the finest features of the Glass Skull Dab Rig is its fixed diffused downstem, this helps break up your hit; increasing the surface area and thus allowing the water in the rig to cool it more efficiently. So you can expect cool, and smooth hits every time, which makes for a fantastic dabbing experience!

14mm Joint

This dab rig features a 14mm male ground glass joint. You can find a whole plethora of add-ons and accessories for this piece, all you need to do is ensure that the piece you get is 14mm and compatible with the male or female joining! You’ll be able to customise your dabbing experience to suit your personal tastes.


Please note: No banger is included with this item. If you wish to use this with a banger you will require one with has a female fitting which is 14mm wide. 

Additional Information

Crystal Clear, Metallic Gold, Metallic Chrome