Genesis System Titanium Concentrate Nail

Genesis System Titanium Concentrate Nail

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Happy Daddy - Genesis System Titanium Concentrate Nail

This titanium concentrate nail by Happy Daddy truly is the king of all concentrate nails. This fully universal nail has every function that is needed to significantly improve the experience of dabbing your favourite oil and wax concentrates.

Made out of CP grade 2 Titanium, the nail has the capability to switch to be used with E-nails and D-nails.

The device uses sublimation, which is the vaporization of a solid that never enters liquid form to give the user the most efficient vapour production.

The domeless nail has a quartz insert inside of the sublimation head chamber. The sublimation head is purpose built to retain heat for 2 minutes. This allows time for extra dabs. Another great function of the sublimation head is the anti-reclaim design that means you will lose a lot less oil to your rig.

The sublimation base also unscrews allowing easy access to clean any carbon or unburnt material.

The Genesis nail has a universal joint that allows the device to be used with male and female joints with 14.5mm or 18.888m sizes. The team from Happy Daddy even includes a patent-pending flat carb cap.

  • GR.2 Titanium Dabbing Nail
  • Patent Pending Carb Cap
  • Universal Joint
  • Specially designed for use with oils and concentrates
  • E-Nail and D-Nail Compatible
  • Quartz Glass Insert
  • Sublimation Head and Base.

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