G Pen Micro+

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Color: Black

Cookies Blue
Lemonnade Yellow
Dr. Greenthumb’s

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The G Pen Micro Plus is an incredibly portable and stylish dab pen that packs a ton of power. Its small size and light weight make it the perfect grab-and-go vaporizer. Available in basic black and three eye-catching colours (Cookies Blue, Lemonade Yellow, and Dr. Greenthumb’s Green), the Micro Plus can be as discreet or attention-grabbing as you want.

Grenco Science offers a full range of innovative vaporizers. The G Pen Micro Plus offers perhaps the most bang for your buck from the entire lineup. It produces thick clouds and unbelievable flavour at a rock-bottom price.

G Pen Micro Plus Features

Convenient Three-Piece Design

The G Pen Micro Plus’ three-piece construction makes loading and cleaning fast and easy. Replacement parts can be effortlessly swapped for a stress-free experience. The three pieces are the battery, tank, and mouthpiece.

  • Battery: The G Pen Micro Plus battery, also known as its body, contains all of the electrical components. You’ll also find the control button and the LED indicator light here.
  • Tank: The tank is where you load your material for use. Sometimes called the atomiser or bowl, it’s made of high-quality materials. The ceramic heating plate and quartz liner ensure that the taste of your material remains pure. 
  • Mouthpiece: The food-grade silicone mouthpiece offers maximum comfort with a premium feel. Inside the silicone mouthpiece is a removable ceramic airpath. The ceramic airpath cools the vapour and delivers a cool, enjoyable draw.

510 Cartridge Compatible

The G Pen Micro Plus 510 cartridge compatibility makes it incredibly versatile for such a small and low-cost device. Just take your favourite 510 cartridge and screw it into the Micro Plus battery. 510 cartridges are extremely popular and available at virtually any dispensary. For the price of just a couple of disposable 510 batteries, the G Pen Micro Plus will last considerably longer and open up a wide range of options for you to enjoy. 

Smart-Chip Technology

The G Pen Micro Plus utilizes smart-chip technology to monitor and regulate the temperature in the tank. Overheating and harsh vapour are real issues in similar-style vaporizers, but smart-chip technology eliminates that problem. 

The Micro Plus can accurately sense the temperature inside the tank in real time. Consistent temperatures ensure you receive the exact hit you’re expecting every single time. No more overheating and unexpectedly harsh vapour.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback is a feature we’ve seen a lot more of lately, and it’s probably the most underrated. You’ll feel a vibration when your G Pen Micro Plus is turned on, but more importantly, you feel it when it reaches temperature.

Getting distracted and wasting precious material and battery life is a real possibility without haptic feedback. This one addition saves more time and money than you think. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that with the G Pen Micro Plus.

Easy Single-Button Operation

Concentrates are a new thing to many people, and they can feel intimidating. The G Pen Micro Plus is a dab pen designed for simplicity and accessibility. With just a few button presses, you can turn the device on and off and change between the preset temperatures. The controls are as follows:

  • Turn On/Off: Press the button five times
  • Change Preset Heat Setting: Press the button three times
  • Manual Heating: Hold button the button down
  • Automatic Heating: Press the button two times

Whether you choose manual or automatic heating, the temperature will be maintained for 10 seconds before shutting off. You can restart the heating process at any time. The Micro Plus will completely power off after five minutes of inactivity.

LED Status Indicator

The LED status indicator of the G Pen Micro Plus shows the battery level and temperature setting. It displays three colours (blue, green, and red) that are easy to read and understand. To understand the battery indicator, follow these guidelines:

  • Flashing Red While Plugged In: The device is currently charging
  • Flashing Red While Unplugged: The device's battery is running low
  • Solid Green While Plugged In: The device is fully charged
  • Flashing Red and Green: The tank is not connected properly

The G Pen Micro Plus comes equipped with three preset temperatures. Like the battery status, the temperature indicator keeps things simple. When clicking the button three times, the colours change to indicate which temperature setting is selected. These are the temperature settings when using the tank:

  • Blue: Low Heat
  • Green: Medium heat
  • Red: High Heat

These are the temperature settings when using a 510 cartridge:

  • Blue: 2.5V
  • Green: 2.75V
  • Red: 3.0V

Long Lasting Battery

The G Pen Micro Plus is a small device with a small battery, but its runtime is quite impressive. It lasts a full 90 minutes of active time, which is equal to about two days of moderate to heavy use. The charge time is also quite fast, clocking it at about 1.5 hours from dead to fully charged.

The passthrough charging technology means that you can continue to hit your Micro Plus whenever you want, even if it’s plugged in and charging. Your experience will be exactly the same, and the battery will continue to charge as normal.

Included in the Box

  • 1x G Pen Micro Plus Vaporizer
  • 1x Keychain dab tool
  • 1x Hemp travel case
  • 1x USB-C charge cable
Additional Information

Black, Cookies Blue, Lemonnade Yellow, Dr. Greenthumb’s