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Frosted Bruiser Glass Pipe

Frosted Bruiser Glass Pipe

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  • Product Description

    This frosted bruiser pipe by Red Eye Glass is an 10cm frosted glass hand pipe, with copious amounts of character.

    The glass pipe begins with the frosted glass mouthpiece which is formed in an oval shape. The glass then becomes clear as it forms into the neck of the pipe, where this section also features a number of decorative molten beads.

    As the glass pipe then forms into the glass bowl, the glass once again becomes frosted. This glass bowl section also features a small carb hole on the side. 

    In addition to this there is a pair of frosted glass horns which adorn either side of the glass bowl, giving this glass hand pipe a little something special.

    Definitely a welcome addition to any glass collection. 

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Red Eye Glass
    height 91mm
    length 41mm
    material Glass
    width 21mm