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The FLYT STIK by FLYTLAB is an efficient and compact concentrate vaporizer packed with technology.
With interchangeable heating chambers, it offers you maximum capacity and efficiency thanks to both heating chambers having loading areas twice the size of standard ones.
The Dual Quartz heating chamber has a base made up of two quartz rods encased in high grade titanium coils which are capable of reaching double the heat of the ceramic heating chamber, meaning if you like to produce big clouds the Dual Quartz is ideal for you.
The second heating chamber is the Ceramic Slab, this has a high grade ceramic base as well as high grade ceramic walls so is therefore ideal if you like savour the flavour. Having the option to change between the two chambers is another reason this vaporizer is so impressive.
The FLYT STIK also has four distinct temperature settings, so if you are still trying to work out which temperature you prefer your vaping experience at, this vaporizer will help you decide.
With a smart one-button control, FLYTLAB have created a vaporizer that doesn't require a button to be held the whole time you are vaping. Once the temperature is confirmed, simply press the button once and enjoy a ten second hit. Press the button twice to control the temperature settings and to turn the FLYT STIK on/off, you just need to press the button three times. Once the vaporizer is off you can check the battery level by holding the button. If it does need charging, your vaping session does not need to be over... You can still vape whilst it is charging although with a short time of just 1.5 hours for a full charge, you won't be waiting long.
FLYTLAB have created a fantastic vaporizer which gives the user a customisable smoking experience which is fast, efficient and gives a usefully delivered dose every time.

What's included?


  • Charging Dock

  • Manual

  • 2 Cartridges

  • USB Wire

  • Dab Tool

  • Hat Pin

  • Stickers