Flowermate CAP Vaporizer

Vendor: Flowermate

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Flowermate CAP Vaporizer

The CAP is the latest to join the Flowermate family. This stealthy little dry herb vaporizer is the smallest and most discreet out of Flowermate's devices, standing at under 10cm in height it is the ideal size to slip into your pocket or take on the go with you. Flowermate have spent 5 years creating the CAP, to give you an ultra portable, easy to use, hassle free vaporizer which is also very budget friendly. Whether you are new to vaping or an expert, we are sure you will be impressed with what the CAP has to offer!

Key Features:

Glazed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
Heat Up In 20 Seconds
Stealthy Size
Haptic Feedback
One Button User Interface
Matted Finish Aluminum Alloy Body

The patended glazed stainless steel heating chamber has been designed to be both environmentally friendly as well as highly efficient. It ensures that your herbs always get heated evenly and it will heat up within 20 seconds. This heating technology allows for impressive flavour and vapor production, especially considering the small size of the device. The CAP has three preset temperatures to choose from ranging between 385°F and 420°F (196-215°C) and you can cycle through and select your preferred one by clicking the power button three times. The temperatures are displayed by 3 coloured LED lights. Blue indicates the lowest temperature setting of 385°F (196°C), green indicates the middle temperature setting of 400°F (205°C) whilst red shows you are at the highest temperature setting of 420°F (215°C). These LED lights also display the devices battery level, three lights show that the device is at full battery, two lights mean the device is around 60% charge and one light indicates 30% battery level.
The CAP is full of innovative technlogy but is also simple, easy to use and ideal for people new to vaping who don't want to spend hundreds on a device. It gives you the ultimate discreetness with its compact size, making it perfect to take with you on camping trips or weekends away. 

Flowermate are devoted to consumer experience, all of their devices are easy to use, combining sleek designs with practicality. With a range of vaporizers on the market, they offer devices which are well made, efficient, user-friendly and most importantly, affordable! The CAP vaporizer is no exeption, when you buy a portable vaporizer, you want it to be easily portable, not a device which will weigh down your pockets or be bulky to carry. The CAP is one of the best vaporizers out there in terms of portability and considering the size of it, the battery length may surprise you!

Technical Specifications:

Vaporizes: Dry Herbs
Preset Temperatures: 385°F/400°F/420°F (196?/205?/215?)
Sessions Per Charge: 8-10 Sessions
Session Length: 5 Minute Timer
Dimensions: 30mm x 93mm x 20mm
Net Weight: 90g
Battery Capacity: (1) Internal 900mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time: 1 Hour (Micro USB)
Output voltage: 3.7V

What's Included?

1 x CAP vaporizer
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x USB cable
1 x Pack tool
1 x Stainless steel chamber screen
1 x Stainless steel mouthpiece screen