Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer


Title: Rock Maple

Rock Maple

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  Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer

The Flip Brick Convection Vaporizer is the new member of the Sticky Brick Family and is the cheapest vaporizer yet and most compact. It still uses the same convection vaporization method as the other Sticky Brick Vaporizer, but is now more compact. The vaporizer is made from two parts that are held together by two pairs of incredibly strong earth magnets. The Flip Brick can be neatly folded away and when it is, it is smaller than a packet of cigarettes. The Flip Brick has 3 different wood variants( Maple, Walnut and cherry). The chamber is wood, like the rest of the device and it uses a steel mesh screen to filter the vapor coming through your water pipe. It includes a 18.8 mm and a 14.4 mm male fitting which means that it will fit most bongs that are available on the market, so the purchasing of extra parts will not be required. With this vaporizer, you get spare screens, a steel stirring tool, a 14.4 mm and 18.8 mm adapter, a butane torch and an instruction manual

Additional Information

Rock Maple, Walnut, Cherry