Flavored Rolling Papers Regular Size Strawberry

Vendor: Juicy Jays

Title: Single Pack

Single Pack

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Strawberry flavoured papers by Juicy Jay’s breathe fresh summer air into your lungs. Juicy Jay’s has a proprietary method of infusing their papers with wonderful tastes. Try some today! 

  • “Triple Dipped”

  • Strawberry Flavour

  • Available Single Pack or Whole Box 

“Triple Dipped”

Juicy Jay’s proprietary method of infusing their papers is legit. Dipped three times in natural extracts, these papers will enhance your already delicious herbs.

Strawberry Flavor

Sipping drags from these appetizing papers will make you want to chill in strawberry fields… forever. Let mouthwatering notes of strawberry tickle your palette.

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Single Pack