Firefly 2 case with zipper

Firefly 2 case with zipper

Why buy from us?
  • Nylon and plastic construction
  • Protect your Firefly 2 from daily wear
  • Zipper
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If you own a Firefly 2 then you know that they are an expensive piece of kit and the last thing you want is for it to get broken or scratched. This case will stop all of that in one smooth move. The nylon and plastic construction ensures that even if you drop it, as long as your Firefly 2 is in the case it will be fine. The zipper closure keeps everything secure and the zipper handle has the Firefly logo on it so you'll never forget what's inside. Make sure your Firefly 2 can last forever by protecting it from the world and grab one of these before it is too late.  

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