CloudV ElectroMini Temperature Controlled

CloudV ElectroMini Temperature Controlled

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  • Big 3300mAH capacity battery
  • Fully adjustable Temperature
  • Titanium and Quartz Nails
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The best just got better, and smaller! The CloudV ElectroMini now has not only fully adjustable temperature control to go with all it's other mega features but the size has been significantly reduced to make it much more portable. After you have tried the ElectroMini you'll most likely leave your standard rig alone to gather dust from here on out. No matter whether it's a little dab or a massive glob, the huge titanium and quartz nails on this will mean it is capable of doing it with ease. The display, which is also the adjustment buttons, displays your temperature settings and allows you to control your dabbing temperature as much as you like, all the way from 550°F all the way to 1000°F. It only takes seconds to heat up and has the power to maintain it's temp no matter what you throw at it. The 3300mAH battery will last for a massive amount of time before needing to be charged so you will never get caught out with no power. The leak proof bubbler is a side arm design and does a superb job of cleaning and filtering the smoke as you inhale. Comes complete with charger, dab tool, carb cap, spare nails and instruction manuals.