Dynavap OmniVong XL

Vendor: DynaVap, LLC

Colour: Dark Wood

Dark Wood
Light Wood

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Dynavap OmniVong XL

Welcome to an alternative way of vaping! This vaporizer has no battery, it is perfect for travelling with as you never need to worry about charging it up, all you need is a lighter.This model includes Omni mouthpiece assembly and a 14mm NonaVong stem midsection that comes in a Light or Dark wood finish, with the 14mm taper built into the stem it mates perfectly with any 14mm adapters. This Model includes OmniVap flow adjustment which allows for simple adjustment of flow restriction, this gives you control of vapour to air intake ratio. All you have to do to adjust the intake is simply twist the mouthpiece which extends/retracts the condenser into the back end of the tip. 

Please Note this model is not compatible with the 'M' Tip or body midsections and coloration or grains may vary.

Additional Information

Dark Wood, Light Wood