DynaVap Nonavong-S

Vendor: DynaVap, LLC

Color: Light Wood

Light Wood
Dark Wood

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DynaVap Nonavong-S

The DynaVap Nonavong-S measures at 92 mm in length and has a spinning mouthpiece with a 45 mm body with a titanium tip. The midsection of the Nonavong-S Vaporizer has trisected nonagon geometry making this vaporizer one of the most appealing visually on the market. Its nine sides make the vaporizer roll resistant and will give elevation to the mouthpiece when the vaporizer is placed horizontally on a flat surface. The midsection has an airport that will allow the user to manually modify the air to vapor ratio.

Two Different Variants:

  • Dark Wood

  • Light Wood

Additional Information

Light Wood, Dark Wood