Double Action 14.5 WS-Line

Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Clear


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The Double Action from Weedstar has flipped conventional design on it's head... or should we say side?! This awesome 23cm tall bong features two horizontally stacked cylinder chambers. There is a method to their madness which we'll later explain. 

Weedstar have used a high quality glass to create an eye-catching piece that doesn't only perform well but is tough enough to withstand accidental bumps and knocks. A 14.5mm male joint can be adapted to your favorite female bowls and bangers or you can use the glass nail provided. 

As you pull on the Double Action the smoke is sucked down into the lower of the 2 horizontal chambers and spilt in both directions as it enters the double ended diffuser. Both ends of the diffuser are slitted so the smoke can become water cooled and broken into hundreds of miniture bubbles. As the chamber is horizontal it causes the bubbles to crash off the sides causing the to burst and spilt into smaller, cooler bubbles. Smoke then rises into the upper, recycling chamber where the negative pressure below forces the smoke back down for further filtering and cooling. The resulting hit is super smooth on your throat and lungs so you can really hit this piece hard and blow some huge clouds. With the water always recycling around and around you'll find that you don't have to clean this as often as other bongs.