Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back

Vendor: Black Leaf

Title: Red-Black - GPER 049-B

Red-Black - GPER 049-B
Green-Black - GPER 049-A

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Black Leaf -Shower Head Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back

This stunning percolator bong from Black Leaf is built for strength and durability from 5mm thick borosilicate glass.

The bong stands 39.5cm in height on a sturdy circular glass base.  The waterpipe's main chamber is equipped with a large, domed percolator with a showerhead style diffuser.  This has the effect of breaking up smoke into much finer particles, increasing the surface area.  This rapidly cools the smoke and filters out some carcinogens and particulates, so that the smoke that eventually reaches the mouthpiece is cool and smooth and much less harsh than with a normal bong.  The hit can be cooled further by utilising the ice notches on the bong's main cylinder - simply pop a handful of ice cubes into the tube for a frosty, clean hit.

This stemless bong is finished with stunning coloured glass switchback detailing on the bowl and around the top of the tube, just above the iconic Black Leaf logo.

A superb quality bong from Black Leaf that will provide years of smoking pleasure.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer: Black Leaf
Material: Borosilicate Glass
Height: 40.5cm
Base Diameter: 13.5cm
Mouthpiece Diameter: 60mm
Wall Thickness: 5mm
Joint Size: Female 18.8mm
Joint Angle: 90°
Downstem/Diffuser Joint Size: Fixed Downstem
Downstem/Diffuser Length: N/A (Stemless)
Bowl Joint Size: Male 18.8mm
Percolator: Dome Percolator
Ice Notches: Yes
Carb Hole: No

What's Included?

1 x Dome Percolator Ice Bong Switch Back
1 x Male 18.8mm Bowl

Additional Information

Red-Black - GPER 049-B, Green-Black - GPER 049-A