Custom Bong 500ml Special Sandblasted Logo Side Strip

Custom Bong 500ml Special Sandblasted Logo Side Strip

Why buy from us?
  • Sandblasted theme
  • 500ml Capacity
  • Straight mouthpiece
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This very special 500ml capacity bong features a huge sandblasted strip running up the side of the tube, into which the EHLE Glass logo has been stenciled. The effect is a very cool and rare looking Ehle bong, which comes without unsightly ice-notches.

The pinpoint precision joints of EHLE glass water pipes are made on their own factory premises and are subject to continuous quality and performance tests.

They guarantee the utmost accuracy in the fitting of all parts and accessories. After running through computer-controlled cool and temper processes, every glass piece is sure to be delivered totally stress-free.

It has a female 18.8mm joint, and comes with an 18.8mm downstem and a male 18.8mm bowl.

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