Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer

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The Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer is part of the highly regarded lineup of vapes by Storz and Bickel. While the Mighty+ may be the most famous, the Crafty+ is the preferred choice of many vape users in the UK. It offers nearly identical performance at almost half the size and a lower price.

It’s much easier to carry than its much larger and heavier sibling, the Mighty+. The smaller size of the Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer sacrifices some battery life, but it strikes a perfect balance between performance and portability.

Crafty+ Vaporizer Features

Improvements Over the Original Crafty

The Crafty Vaporizer has been a fan favourite in the vaping community for the past decade. Initially released in 2014, it was due for a much-needed refresh. It’s still the same Crafty everyone knows and loves, with just a dash of modernisation. The changes include:

  • Faster USB-C Charging: The Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer offers a respectable charge time of two hours from dead to max charge. This is a full 25 minutes faster than the previous version, thanks to the superior USB-C technology.
  • Longer Battery Life: One of the biggest complaints about the original Crafty was the short battery life. The Crafty+ Vaporizer addresses this issue by significantly improving run time between charges. The latest version of the Crafty+ can last nearly an hour of usage time, up from less than 40 minutes on the original model.
  • Faster Heat-Up Time: The other main complaint about the OG model was the long heat-up time. Storz & Bickel made huge strides by reducing the heating time by over 30%. It only takes about 60 seconds to reach temperature, down from more than 90 seconds originally.

Single-Button Control

The Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer offers two methods of control for your convenience. The device can be operated through a mobile app or via the single built-in button.

Using just one button to control the Crafty+ is surprisingly simple and intuitive. Storz & Bickel have done a great job making the functions easy to remember. Just take a look:

  • Turn On Device: When yourfilling chamber is loaded with your choice of dry herb or concentrate, press the button for a half-second to begin the heat-up process. A single vibration will indicate that the heating has started. A double vibration will indicate that the preset temperature has been reached. The base temperature is 180°C by default.
  • Booster Mode: Once the base temperature has been reached, press the button twice for a temperature boost. This helps you extract more vapour than you would get out of the base temperature. The default booster temperature is 195°C.
  • Superbooster Mode: If you still desire more power after activating Booster Mode, take it a step further with Superbooster. The Superbooster Mode bumps the temperature even more, peaking at 210°C, the maximum for the Crafty+ Vaporizer.
  • Turn Off Device: The Crafty Plus will turn off on its own after two minutes without a button press. Hold the button for at least half a second to turn it off manually. 
  • Extend Session: Sometimes, two minutes won’t be long enough to finish your session. If you require more time, quickly press the button to reset the two-minute timer. You can do this as many times as you want.

We’re honestly quite impressed with how easily the Crafty Plus V2 Vaporizer controls with just one button. For many users, these controls will be enough to satisfy their needs.

App Control

The button does a lot, but it doesn’t do everything. If you want to fine-tune the settings of your Crafty+ Vaporizer, check out the mobile app. You can download the Android app on Google Play. You can use the web app at for iPhone and other devices.

The great thing about using the app controls is that all of your settings are saved. This means you don't have to use it again once you set everything up as you like. The following settings can be controlled with the app:

  • Base Temperature: This is the temperature your Crafty+ will reach when you turn it on. It can be set anywhere from 40°C to 210°C. Your vape will always heat up to the set temperature until changed in the app.
  • Boost Temperature: By default, the Boost Mode increases the base temperature by 15°C. You can change this amount, but be aware that the Crafty Plus Vaporizer V2 will never heat beyond 210°C. This remains true no matter what Booster Mode temperature you have set. The Superbooster temperature cannot be set. This is because the Superbooster Mode always activates the maximum temperature of 210°C.
  • Session Timer: You’ll often find yourself wanting your Crafty+ to stay powered on for more than two minutes at a time. Sure, you can press the button to reset the timer, but it’s much easier not having to worry about that. With the app, you can increase the auto shut-off timer to a maximum of six minutes. If you want to end a session early, you can always just turn it off by pressing the power button for half a second.
  • Vibration: The Crafty+ vibrates every time you turn it on and when it reaches the set temperature. This feature can be quite helpful, but if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. Doing so will also help you squeeze out a little more battery life.
  • LED Light: The LED light provides feedback on the Crafty Plus Vaporizer V2 at a glance. It’s red when heating. It’s green when the temperature is reached. It flashes green when Boost temperature is reached. The brightness of this indicator can be changed to be more noticeable or less distracting. The light also flashes blue while charging, which can be disabled entirely. This is especially useful for nights when you’re trying to sleep.


The Crafty+ Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers you will find with this much power. The vapour production and flavour are on par with the Mighty+, but it’s much easier to carry around.

This portable vaporizer fits easily in your pocket and doesn’t weigh you down. It weighs only 0.3 pounds and takes up hardly any more space than a typical smartphone. 

It’s also extremely durable. Toss it in your backpack and never worry if it will survive the trip. Its medical-grade plastic body will ensure it’s always safe and ready to go whenever you need it.