Chewy Grinder Black Widow

Vendor: Chewy

Title: Black


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Chewy Grinder Black Widow UK

The Chewy UK is a battery powered automatic grinder that takes all the effort out of finely grinding your herb. It can be used one-handed.You can be sure of a fantastic grind fast, and with zero effort. The built-in storage ensures that you can be sure that you’ll be able to transport any herb you need safe and securely.

Chewy Grinder - A Grinder Revolution

The Chewy is a revolution in the world of grinders, it takes everything you know about dry herb grinders and throws it out the window! They have started from the ground up and built one of the finest grinders you can find on the UK market.

Chewy Grinder - Powerful Battery

The first thing that team Chewy did when they approached this project was to ensure that this unit was battery powered to ensure great portability. They designed the piece around a powerful 9v battery that can offer you up to 10 hours or continuous use, so you don’t have to worry about it giving up the ghost mid grind!

Chewy Grinder - Amazing Grind Quality

The Chewy’s blades have been specially engineered to slice dry herb, rather than crush it. This means that the grind will be much more consistent and none of the precious trichomes (the tiny hairs that grow on plant stems) are lost. After you grind your herb can be easily dispensed into a bowl or paper through a specially designed opening on the unit.

Chewy Grinder - Quiet

Despite all this power, the Chewy has a very quiet motor, so you can rest easy knowing that your relaxing sesh won’t be interrupted by a metallic racket every time you need to grind your herb.

Chewy Grinder - Spacious Storage

One of the best features of this grinder is its inbuilt storage. It has a built-in loading bay which can hold up to two grams of material, this is the perfect place to store and transport your dry herb. Don't worry about losing any though, there is a sealed rubber cap which covers the dispensing hole so you'll never lose a drop during transport. See why so many people are turning to Chewy.

Why Should You Grind Your Herb

Grinding is a must if you want to get the most out of your dry herb, it helps break down and even out the distribution of herb in a joint, and makes it easier to pack into a bowl or vaporizer. A fine grind in a joint or bowl ensures a more even and sustainable burn. For a vaporizer grinding down your herb increases the surface area the heating system can act upon; this ensures a thicker, tastier vapor and much more efficient use of your herb.