Boundless Vexil

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The Boundless Vexil is an absolute beast of a portable dry herb vaporizer. Boundless offers a wide range of devices to suit every need, and the Vexil might just be the most well-rounded of them all. It heats up fast, and it’s incredibly easy to operate. 

The Boundless Vexil's shape is extremely unique compared to other vapes in its class. It has a wide body that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s also shorter than most portable vaporizers, which greatly improves its pocketability. The Vexil is available in two colour options: basic black and the most beautiful teal you’ve ever seen.

Boundless Vexil Features

Conduction Heating Technology

The Boundless Vexil’s conduction heating provides fast heat-up and thick, milky vapour clouds. It takes just 30 seconds for it to reach the desired temperature.

One of the biggest advantages of conduction heating is not having to waste lung power on primer draws. The Vexil provides full hits as soon as your desired temperature is reached.

Powerful and Portable

The Boundless Vexil produces the type of power you normally only see in vapes twice its size. Now, you don’t have to carry around a device the size and shape of a brick to achieve decent performance on the go.

The most impressive aspect of the Boundless Vexil’s design is how thin it is. It fits perfectly into any pocket without creating much of a bulge. 

Four Preset Temperatures

The four preset temperatures of the Boundless Vexil make it one of the easiest dry herb vaporizers to operate. They have been optimised to provide an ideal vaping experience no matter your preference. The LED display changes colours depending on your setting, so you’ll always know which temperature is selected. The four settings are:

  • Green (192°C): Use this setting if you want to experience the full flavour of your herb. The vapour will be very thin and cool with light effects. 
  • Purple (204°C): This setting slightly bumps up the effects and vapour production while maintaining flavour quality. 
  • Blue (212°C): Vapour production increases significantly with this setting. Effects are much heavier at the cost of slightly reduced flavour quality.
  • Red (225°C): Flavour is sacrificed for heavy effects and thick vapour. Perfect to cap off a hard day. Vapour will be harsher but manageable thanks to the zirconia airpath.

Stealth Mode

While the Boundless Vexil isn’t the smallest portable vaporizer, it’s small enough to avoid drawing attention to itself. The biggest obstacle is the beautiful LED display. To turn off all of the lights, hold all three buttons for three seconds. This ensures you won’t attract any unwanted attention.

Zirconia Spiral Cooling Airpath

The Boundless Vexil’s small size has several benefits, but one of the potential downsides is how close the mouthpiece is to the heating chamber. With this configuration, effective cooling technology is essential.

Zirconia has low thermal conductivity, which means it’s great at reducing heat transfer between the oven and your lips. The spiral shape greatly increases the surface area for maximum cooling efficiency.

The zirconia spiral airpath can be removed from the mouthpiece and soaked in alcohol for easy cleaning. Regularly cleaning the airpath keeps the flavour pure and vapour flowing smoothly.

USB-C Charging

USB-C charging is an essential feature of any modern electronic device. Thankfully, the Boundless comes equipped with this feature, which provides ultra-fast charging. The battery goes from completely dead to fully charged in just 45 minutes.

The 1800 mAh battery inside of the Boundless Vexil is quite small, lasting just six sessions per charge on average. This makes the inclusion of USB-C charging that much more important. The short battery life is not a huge deal when it can be charged so quickly.

Large Ceramic Oven

The ceramic oven of the Boundless Vexil can fit an impressive 0.5g of ground material. That’s well above average for a dry herb vaporizer of this size. Its oval shape works with the conduction heating to evenly heat the herb with no stirring required.

Ceramic is the material chosen for the oven due to its ability to withstand rapid temperature changes. Its high level of durability will last for years. Ceramic is also easy to clean. Its smooth surface lets you remove oil and debris with just a cotton swap and a drop of alcohol.

Easy to Use

The Boundless Vexil is all about usability and convenience. Vaporizers can feel overwhelming to new users, but the Vexil aims to solve that problem with simplified controls. The three-button interface is easy enough for anyone to grasp. To use the device, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Turn On: Press the power button five times. The Vexil will power on and begin heating to the last temperature used.
  • Change Temperature: Cycling the temperatures is as easy as pressing the up and down buttons. The up button will increase the temperature by one level, while the down button will decrease the temperature by one level.
  • Sleep Mode: Sometimes you get interrupted in the middle of a session and need to take a short break. To pause your session, hold the power button for three seconds. When you’re ready to finish your session, hold the power button for three seconds.
  • Turn Off: To turn off the Boundless Vexil, press the power button five times.

Included in the Box

  • 1x Boundless Vexil vaporizer
  • 2x Mouthpiece screens
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x User manual
Additional Information

Black, Teal