Boundless CFX+ (Plus)

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Vendor: Boundless

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The Boundless CFX Plus is a bargain hunter’s dream. It provides powerful performance comparable to the biggest brands but at a fraction of the cost. It’s also more compact and portable than most of its direct competition while maintaining a lower price point.

The Boundless CFX Plus's heat-up time is just over 20 seconds, which rivals the best in any category. Combine that with a durable, premium-feeling plastic shell, and you’ll see how big of a bargain this vaporizer really is.

Boundless CFX Plus Features

Hybrid Heating

The heating technology used in your vaporizer plays a major role in determining your experience. Conduction heating increases the temperature of your herb quickly, and convection heating extracts maximum flavour. The Boundless CFX Plus offers the best of both worlds with its hybrid heating.

The CFX Plus relies slightly more on conduction heating, however, which is why it can get up to temperature so fast, much faster than most devices in its class. The addition of convection heating ensures the material is vaporized evenly and produces a tasty hit.

Improvements Over the Boundless CFX

The original Boundless CFX was a trailblazing vaporizer with its budget price and premium performance. The upgraded version keeps all of the good stuff while adding solid improvements to design and performance. Some of the best changes include:

  • Larger LCD Screen: The original Boundless CFX had one of the largest LCD screens in the vape world, and the CFX Plus takes it up a notch. The large crystal-clear colour display makes it easy to see all the settings and important information.
  • Customisation Menu: The large display is fully utilized with the all-new customisation settings of the Boundless CFX Plus. Take full control of your vaping experience with temperature controls, an adjustable session timer, Celsius to Fahrenheit swap, and more.
  • Flat Mouthpiece: The flat mouthpiece of the Boundless CFX Plus reduces its bulkiness by a large amount. The old straw style felt nice to use, but it was prone to clogging and was kind of an eyesore. The new style is easier to clean and maintain while giving the device a much sleeker look.
  • Stir Tool: Surprisingly, a stir tool/bowl scraper is still not included with most vaporizers sold today. Luckily, the Boundless CFX Plus includes one in the box. The tool is metal, which is far superior to the plastic options found elsewhere. It’s conveniently located under the mouthpiece, so it’s always within reach whenever you need it. 
  • Preset Temperatures: The new preset temperature settings of the Boundless CFX Plus provide a convenient option for those looking to set and forget. You can still use the precision temperature control if you prefer, but the presets remove the guesswork. The four preset temperatures are:
  • 192°C: Use this setting to enjoy full flavour and cool vapour. It’s perfect for beginners or those just looking for a lighter session. It’s mild on your throat and lungs, so it’s less likely to make you cough. Visible vapour production is very low on this setting, making it a great choice if you need to be discreet.
  • 204°C: This setting slightly increases vapour production while maintaining maximum flavour. The hits are still relatively cool, but the effects are increased. This is because more cannabinoids begin to vaporize as temperature increases. 
  • 212°C: The effects start getting heavy in this setting, and the flavour is slightly reduced. The vapour is warmer, and the clouds are bigger. This is the setting that most experienced vape users will select for a satisfying session.
  • 220°C: Sometimes you just need an extra strong session without worrying too much about flavour. The vapour is hot, but the clouds are huge, and the effects hit hard. Every cannabinoid in your herb is vaporized at this temperature, ensuring nothing remains unused. 
  • Session Timer: Session length is a large part of your overall vaping experience. Short sessions are great for on-the-go, while longer sessions are perfect for unwinding after a hard day’s work. The Boundless CFX Plus lets you choose from two-minute, four-minute, six-minute, or eight-minute sessions. 

Magnetic Mouthpiece

The Boundless CFX Plus's magnetic mouthpiece is perhaps a bigger advantage than it seems. Many vapes have clip-on mouthpieces that wear down over time from use. When this happens, your only choice is to purchase a replacement. 

Magnets maintain their gripping power virtually forever. If you make sure to keep the components clean, they will last as long as you own the device. 

Works With Concentrates

The conduction-heavy form of the Boundless CFX Plus hybrid heating is perfect for your favourite concentrate. To use concentrates in this device, you will need to purchase a concentrate pod separately, but it’s well worth the investment.

Isolated Zirconia Airpath

The zirconia airpath cools the vapour as it flows through the device. It’s been specifically engineered to provide the most comfortable vaping experience possible. Cooler vapour means bigger hits without irritating your throat or lungs.

The isolated airpath means no hot air flows past the wires or internal electronics inside the vape. This is important for health and safety and also keeps the flavour pure.

Large Ceramic Oven

The massive 0.5g capacity oven pairs perfectly with the new eight-minute session option. You don’t want your herb to be used up halfway through. If you prefer shorter sessions, you can get through two or three before needing to empty the bowl. 

The ceramic construction is durable and easy to clean. Steel and other materials can alter the taste of your herb, but ceramic yields a full, natural flavour.

Dual 2500 mAH Batteries

The Boundless CFX Plus can last up to ten sessions per charge with its dual batteries. Its USB-C charging is extremely fast, requiring less than an hour to charge the batteries fully. This won’t break any records, but it’s very respectable. It means you’ll spend less time looking for a power source and more time enjoying your CFX Plus vaporizer.

Included in the Box

  • 1x Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer
  • 1x Stir Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x User Manual