Boundless CF-710 Electronic Nectar Collector

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Vendor: Boundless

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Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer UK

Do you enjoy concentrates but are constantly frustrated by the lack of portability of a butane torch or plug in e-nail? Well this is the device for you! The NEW CF-710 from Boundless offers the perfect solution to vaporize concentrates. Just warm the tip by pressing the button and dip it in your favorite concentrate to get perfect clean vapor every single time. It features two different coils to give you the option of either quartz or ceramic to suit your needs.

The 900mAh battery will give approximately an hour of use between charges so you can be confident in not running out of charge when you need it most. The CF710 vaporize your dab directly from included dish, and the vapor is sucked up directly into vapor path. The unit function much like a nectar collector, but the powered and easy.

Boundless CF710 UK – Temperature Control:

Boundless CF710 doesn’t offer any preset temperature level or flexibility. The only way to control the temperature with CF710 is, how long you press the power button. Short presses on the power button allow you to enjoy lower temperature draw which will provide you better flavor.

It’s recommended to hold the power button for a longer time & take longer draw to enjoy some serious cloud production. Vapor will not be as smooth but it’ll generate impressive vapor cloud.

Boundless CF710 Vaporizer – Vapor Quality:

Boundless CF710 comes with two different atomizers to choose from – Quartz coil and ceramic coil. Customize your vaping experience with quartz or ceramic coil atomizer depending on your needs.

Quartz coil atomizer: Quartz coil atomizer offers better flavor but thinner vapor production. It offers a smoother & tastier vapor as compared to ceramic coil atomizer.

Ceramic coil atomizer: If you are a lover of thick and more visible vapor, then you can go with ceramic coil atomizer. However, the vapor quality is much harsher than the quartz coil & you may instantly need a glass of water. 

How Boundless CF710 Works?

The operation of boundless CF710 is very straight forward. It’s just like nectar collector and wax pen. There are two different ways of using boundless CF710 vaporizer:

On Demand Heating: Simply press and hold the button to heat the coil while you take your draws. It’s the simplest way of using boundless CF710 vaporizer, which is more of a traditional way found in wax pens.

Session Style Heating: Click the power button for 3 times to continuously heat the device for 15 seconds, allowing you to take multiple draw without the need of pressing the button continuously for a longer time.

So, simply set your unit at desired temperature and dip the heated coil into the quartz dish loaded with your concentrate and draw at another end to use the boundless CF710 vaporizer.

Pros and Cons of Boundless CF710 Vaporizer:


  • Longer battery life as it’s equipped with 900mah Li-Ion battery
  • It can be used a few days with single charge which makes it’s perfect for outdoor sessions
  • Customize your vaping experience with quartz and ceramic coil atomizer
  • No loading is required


  • Does not offer precise temperature control
  • Produce harsher vapor with ceramic coil