Bong 18.8 Straight Bubble

Vendor: Art Glass

Title: Bong 18.8 Straight Bubble | Art Glass

Bong 18.8 Straight Bubble | Art Glass

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Bong 18.8 Straight Bubble UK

The Straight Bubble Bong from Art Glass UK is an interesting piece that fuses the design of a cylinder bong and a beaker bottom bong. This gives it a great deal of stability and a larger water reservoir to filter and cool your hits.

Bubble Design

The bong features a bubble above the cylindrical foot which maximised the volume of water the bong is capable of holding. This water acts of the surface area of your hit, cooling it and ensuring a smooth and even hit. The cylinder base offers a fantastic level of stability, so you can be sure that your bong won't tip over easily mid-sesh.

The cylinder neck of the bong emerges directly from the center of the bubble, ensuring that this bong is convenient to handle and use.

Great Glass Quality

The average glass thickness of this bong is 3.2mm, which is actually the same as the renown Little Sista bong from German glass legends Roor. The best thing is that the Straight Bubble is a fraction of the price! Quality at a bargain price, what's not to love?

Upgrade Your Experience

The Bubble Bong comes equipped with an 18mm female joint, so if you want to get additional bowls or downstems all you have to ensure is that they’re 18mm male!

Art Glass UK

Art Glass UK bongs are fantastic quality glass water pipes with extreme functionality featuring both timeless and creative designs. You can be sure that an Art Glass UK bong will be a fantastic addition to your collection, or even the ideal starter bong for those making their first foray into the UK bong scene!

Additional Information

Bong 18.8 Straight Bubble | Art Glass