Bong 18.8 Ice Twist

Vendor: Art Glass

Title: Bong 18.8 Ice Twist | Art Glass

Bong 18.8 Ice Twist | Art Glass

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Art Glass have given the traditional cylinder bong a unique twist in the Ice Twist Bong. The ice notches in the neck of this bong to ensure a smooth, cool, and even hit. Ice notches add another level of cooling to your hit my having your smoke flow over ice cubes before reaching your lungs. This bong truly provides one of the coolest hits on the UK market!

Cool Hits

The ice notches mean that each and every hit you take from this bong will first be cooled and filtered as it passes through the water and then chilled as it flows over the ice . You smoking experience is bound to have have Arctic levels of coolness. You don’t have to worry about the ice interfering with the potency of your hits; THC is non-water soluble, so it's no more likely to be lost to the ice than it would be as it passes through the water!

Great Design

Art Glass bongs truly elevate water pipes to an art form. The simple twist in the neck of this piece gives it an understated but distinctive look that will stand out in any collection. They don’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics; each Art Glass bong is made with fantastic quality glass with a thickness of 3.2 mm. This is the same standard that premium glass legends Roor hold themselves to with their standard Little Sista bong.

Bargain Prices

A fraction of the price of more expensive brands, this cylinder bong still give you everything you could possibly need to a fantastic smoking experience! This bong is the perfect beginner bong for those looking to enter the world of waterpipes. It would also make a fantastic addition to an established collection too, where it’s classy, unique looks are sure to grab attention.

Whatever your reason for buying, you can’t go far wrong with this piece. You will get amazing quality for the bargain price!

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Bong 18.8 Ice Twist | Art Glass