Blunt Bubbler Pendant

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Title: Blue


Col: Smoke


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 This savage little Blunt Bubbler from the EDIT Collection is going to totally change the game when it comes to your joint or blunt smoking sessions! Where normally you just put the blunt in your mouth and take a draw of hot smoke, sometimes with the bonus addition of a bit of herbal material or ash making it's way through, with the Blunt Bubbler you just slide your joint or blunt into the tapered hole and then draw on the thin mouthpiece. When you now take a draw on the Blunt Bubbler it will pull your smoke into the water chamber and pass it through a showerhead percolator which breaks the smoke up into tiny bubbles and has the effect of massively cooling the smoke and filtering out anything solid that has managed to make it through. The result is one of the smoothest and tastiest joint smoking experiences that you will ever have. It has a pendant loop fitted into the top and comes complete with a lace so you can simply hang it round your neck and carry it anywhere you go. There are other types of blunt bubblers out there, but make no mistake, this is the same size but has a bigger water capacity and the added bonus of the showerhead perc which combine to make the effect of the cooling even more pronounced. Grab your today and see what you have been missing out on.    

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