Recycler Concentrate Bubbler

Vendor: Blaze Glass

Color: Aqua


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Blaze Glass - Recycler Concentrate Bubbler Aqua

This beautiful concentrate bubbler from Blaze Glass is made from top quality borosilicate glass for heat resistance and durability.  The revolutionary Recycler design ensures that this piece gives you a smooth, cool hit from your herbal concentrates.

After dabbing your oil onto the included quartz glass nail, vapour is drawn through the slit diffuser downpipe and into the main chamber where it is cooled by the water.  Both the vapour and water are then drawn into the secondary chamber where they are separated.  The water is dumped back down into the main chamber, while the vapour - cool and smooth from its exposure to water - is inhaled through the mouthpiece.  

The Blaze Glass Concentrate Bubbler stands 18.5cm tall and has a 14.5mm joint size.  The piece is beautifully decorated with swirls of coloured glass on the mouthpiece, downstem and vapour dome.

This is a great quality bubbler with an intriguing delivery system that is sure to be a big talking point with friends and smoking buddies.