Blast WS-Line Glassbong Recycler

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Vendor: Weed Star

Title: Blast Recycler | WS-Line

Blast Recycler | WS-Line

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Blast WS-Line Glassbong Recycler

The Blast Direct Inject Recycler Rig from Weed Star is a must-have for any Weed Star fan. By taking advantage of the popular recycler style, they’re able to fit much more filtration within the 10-inch height. With no downstem (fixed or removable) you get the smoke directly injected into the water chamber, so it can get straight to cooling. The 14mm male ground joint allows for plenty of customizable options as well.

  • 10 Inch Height
  • 4 Inch Base Width
  • 14mm Male Ground Joint
  • 14mm Female Slide Bowl
  • 2mm Glass Thickness
  • Red Weed Star Logo


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The innovative recycler style uses multiple water chambers that repeatedly cycle the water – giving you a superior smoke. 

Direct Injection

No percs or downstems here – this rig gets right down to business. The 14mm male ground joint affords you the option of using it with the included bowl for flower or swapping it out for a dab nail. 

Weed Star Branded

This piece is polished off with the classic Weed Star branding – their signature logo in a bold red.

Additional Information

Blast Recycler | WS-Line