Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Black Widow Vaporizer

The Black Widow Vaporizer has been wowing everyone here at EveryoneDoesIt since we it first arrived with us! The vapor quality and flavor are as good as (and in some cases better) than many vapes costing anything up to TEN times the cost of the Black Widow. Finally you can get into vaping your dry herbs with a quality piece of kit without having to break the bank! The oven and air pathway on the Black Widow Vaporizer are both fully ceramic (with the exception of the stainless steel mouthpiece), meaning that you will get amazing flavor that you won't find in many other devices with steel chambers.

Black Widow Features

  • Oven Capacity
  • Temperature Settings
  • Display & Design

Oven Capacity 

The oven has also been designed to be low resistance which means you can easily draw through it even when you have packed it tightly for maximum efficiency. Thanks to the clever design the oven heats up from cold in around about 30 seconds which means no time wasted waiting around for it to get up to temperature. The oven itself can take approximately 0.5grams of material in one fill which will give a good 10-15 draws before you need to replace it with fresh material. The stainless steel mouthpiece is held in place by strong magnets meaning it is nice and secure but is easy to remove when you want to take it off.

Temperature Settings

To ensure that you aren't going to be left high and dry with a flat battery they have installed a 2200mAh lithium ion battery which will give you plenty of sessions in between charges and the micro USB charger means that you can plug it in for a boost pretty much anywhere. There is also a 5-minute cut-off built into the device which means it will automatically shut off if you have forgotten and left it on. Using the device is as simple as we could imagine, the one-button interface requires 5 clicks to turn the device on or off and then you hold it down for three seconds to adjust the temperature and click through the options. You have 5 different temperature settings to choose from which range from medium vapor production at the lowest settings up to pretty major vapor production on the higher settings with a whole bunch of flavor to go along with it. The button itself is also nice and clicky which adds to the tactile nature of the device.

Display & Design

There is no screen but there are LEDs which let you know what temperature setting you have it currently selected and this helps to keep the cost down as well as reduce the number of things that can potentially go wrong. The Black Widow Vaporizer is mainly designed for use with dry herbs but they do include an oven insert so you can use your concentrates too, giving you plenty of versatility. Included with the Black Widow Vaporizer kit is the vaporizer itself, a cleaning brush, a set of tweezers, a chamber packing tool, a concentrate insert, 2 spare screens, a USB lead, a mains adapter and an instruction manual. The Black Widow Vaporizer is truly an amazing portable vape for an even more amazing price. Grab one today and see why we think this could be one of the biggest devices of 2019!


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