Big Shot GT8000

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Vendor: Blazer

Title: Black


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The Blazer Big Shot GT8000 is the absolute Daddy of torches for dabbing. The powerful anti-flare flame blasts out to almost 9 inches in length and burns at an insane 2500 degrees Celcius meaning it will get your nails up to temperature in no time at all. The massive tank won't let you down either as a full fillup will give you a huge 35 minutes of burn time at full power meaning that you can end up going weeks between refills because it heats your nails so fast! The piezo ignition is super simple and provides perfect reliability even after years of use so with the GT8000 you know you have one of the most powerful and compact torches on the market. It won't even blow-out when you run it upside down! What are you waiting for, grab your GT8000 torch now!