Big Buddah Titanium Dabber

Big Buddah Titanium Dabber

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Happy Daddy - Big Buddah Titanium Dabber

The Big Buddah Titanium Dabber from Happy Daddy is designed specifically for the handling and consumption of waxy oils, honeys and concentrates.

The tool measures 17.5cm in length and is made from GR.2 titanium for strength and heat resistance.  The Big Buddah is actually two tools in one, with a sharp, curved dabbing blade at one end for scraping and lifting your concentrates, and a small, hollow spoon style implement at the other for touching your dabs against a hot surface easily and safely.

The Happy Daddy Big Buddha has a smooth, tactile, polished finish and is etched with the Happy Daddy logo halfway up the shaft.

A superb quality dabbing tool from Happy Daddy that is sure to be a big hit with the 7:10 generation. 

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