Beaker Pre-cooler with 6-Arm Tree Perc

Vendor: Blaze Glass

Title: Blue


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Beaker Pre-cooler with 6-Arm Tree Perc

These crazy little hand-made beaker ashcatchers from Blaze Glass look good and work even better. Pre-coolers are there to cool your smoke and filter out even more particles and ash from your smoke to give you an even cooler, cleaner hit.

Beaker Pre-cooler with 6-Arm Tree Perc Features

Six-Arm Tree Perc
Coloured Glass Joints

Six-Arm Tree Perc

This one in particular use an 18.8mm female joint in the top which then has a diffuser down stem attached which has a 6-Arm Tree perc at it's base to really break up those bubbles as quickly as possible. The smoke then rises up to the top and gets pulled down the 14.4mm male fitting into your bong. Blaze Glass also include an 18.8mm male bowl to match the joint in the top of the ashcatcher.

Coloured Glass Joints

The Pre-cooler Beaker uses colored glass for the joints to give it a little more impact and there is a Blaze Glass logo printed onto the base of the beaker to finish off the look.

Additional Information

Blue, Grey/Titanium, Amber