Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe 32mm Colored Logos

Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe 32mm Colored Logos

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Grav Labs - Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe.

The Austin-based glassblowers have put together a truly sophisticated design with these classy glass bubbler pipes.

With a diameter of 32mms, these handheld USA made glass bubblers comes equipped with a built-in bowl and a slitted diffuser downstem. This downstem helps create the bubbles that cools down the smoke for a more pleasant hit.

Though this range of bubbler pipe is small, this does not mean it's less effective. This glass pipe performs large smooth hits for the user.

Grav Labs keep the design simple and refined and in a way this shows how confident the team was in the design and it's performance.

The highly respected Grav Labs complete the item with their notorious logo along the chamber. This logo comes in a variety of different colours to choose from.

Available in Red, Green, Clear, Black and Blue. See dropdown.

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