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Anthony Black
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The Anthony Dab Rig | Cheech & Chong

The Anthony from the Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke range is a sweet little rig that will keep you totally lifted man. It's pretty compact at just 8.5 inches tall and the double tier showerhead perc will cool and clean your smoke giving you super tasty milky hits that will have you chilled for hours.

The Anthony Bong Features

  • Double Tier Percolator
  • Colored Accents
  • Quartz Nail
  • Vapor Dome

Double Tier Perc

The double-tiered perc on this bong offers an unprecedented level of cooling. It’s two-stage function helps break up your hit into smaller bubbles, this increases the surface area that the water in your pipe can cool and filter. The result is a smooth, clean hit that goes down easy!

Colored Accents

This is a true stand-out dabbing rig. Its glass is subtly colored to set off this attractive piece’s excellent design.

Quartz Nail

The nail on this piece is made out of high-quality quartz glass. Quartz glass has a very high melting temperature and can withstand a huge amount of heat. This makes it perfect to use in a dabbing rig’s nail. You can heat your nail without it cracking or fracturing!

Vapor Dome

The vapor dome on this great dabbing rig ensures that you get every last drop of your hit. Nothing will escape and you’ll get more use out of your concentrate.

Male Joint

The male 14.4mm joint is designed to go perfectly with the 14.4mm quartz nail and vapor dome and they give it a cool finish by adding colored accents in various places including the base and mouthpiece plus a picture of Pedro's sick wagon on the side of the main chamber. It is available in several color versions so check your favorite from the drop-down menu above.

Additional Information

Anthony Black, Anthony Red, Anthony Light Blue, Anthony Purple, Anthony Apple Green