7.5 Inch Fountain Perc Oil Rig


Style: Beaker Base

Beaker Base
Round Base

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This dab rig gives you everything you want and need from a dab rig in a compact size, making it perfect to take out with you. Its small size at just 7.5" in height makes it super portable but also perfect for people who are new to dabbing. It has a fountain percolator to help cool and filter the smoke, as well as a bent mouthpiece to prevent and water reaching your mouth. It has a rounded base making it secure and sturdy and comes in a choice of either beaker or rounded body. Finished with black accents, this dainty little dab rig looks awesome!
It comes fitted with a male 14.5mm joint size, a female 14.5mm vapor dome and a 14.5mm nail.
Additional Information

Beaker Base, Round Base