50mm XXL Thermal Quartz Banger and Carb Cap Set 14mm Female 90°


Title: 14mm Female

14mm Female

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One things comes to mind when looking at the monster quartz bangers, go hard or go home! Thermal bangers are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to do big dabs at low temperatures which keeps the flavor on point. This is because of the way the dual layers of glass insulate the 'oven' once the globe style carb cap is dropped into place. The actual internal diameter of these new XXL thermal bangers is a MASSIVE 50mm which means you can drop totally insane globs of concentrate and get the most amazing flavor ever without running out of heat and being left with a disppointing puddle at the bottom of the banger. If you like dabbing and you want to take it to extemes then this IS the nail for you.

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14mm Female