5 Piece Grinder Set


Title: Medium 5 Piece

Medium 5 Piece
Large 5 Piece
Small 5 Piece

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These 5 Piece Grinders are fantastic value and help you get the very best out of your herbal material.

The top two parts are a normal grinder, but the second part has holes in its floor so the ground herb can fall through to the meshed 3rd part below. Once in there, the the finely ground herb begins to fall through the mesh.

The fourth section has a tighter mesh, so the material continues to be refined even more, so that once it falls through to the final 5th part, the collecting plate, you can be sure you have gathered the very, very best of your herbs.

Available in 3 sizes, see the dropdown menu for details.

Additional Information

Medium 5 Piece, Large 5 Piece, Small 5 Piece