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420 - 4 For £20 Bundle
420 - 4 For £20 Bundle
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420 - 4 For £20 Bundle
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  • Product Description

    420 4-For-20 Bundle

    Here’s our exclusive 4-for-20 bundle that we have compiled specially for the wonderful time that is 4:20pm:The blazing hour. This bundle is always changing and updating so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s on offer!

    Currently our 4-for-20 Bundle includes the follow smoking must-haves

    1 x Roor Slim Rolling Papers (Value £2.99)

    These rolling papers from roor are perfect for rolling a joint your way. There’s nothing worse than trying to use low quality papers that tear easily or don’t adhere properly; that’s why for the best smoking experience possible it’s essential that you use premium papers.

    1 x New Blunt Bubbler Pendant (Value £17.95)

    The Blunt Bubbler Pendant is a genius innovation that will transform the way you smoke forever. It can completely replace all the papers and roaches you have in your smoking kit; it simply makes the obsolete. To use the Pendant, all you do is slide your joint or blunt into the tapered hole and then draw on the thin mouthpiece, and spark up as normal! You can enjoy the Blunt Bubbler Pendant in much the same way you’d enjoy a paper joint, you just don’t have to worry about burning your fingers!

    10 x NamesteVapes Cleaning Wipes (Value £6.95)

    Once you’ve used your glass blunt you’re going to want to keep it clean.These cleaning wipes are sure to make short work of any stubborn grime and soot. You can be sure that your next smoking sesh will be clean and free from any nasty-burnt tastes.

    1 x 2-Part Acrylic Blue Grinder with Pyramid Teeth (Value £5.99)

    To get the most out of your dry herb it’s essential that you grind it down finely. This will allow you to distribute it more evenly and make for a smoother, cleaner burn with less wastage! A grinder is essential to this because trying to tear up your weed by hand or with a knife just won't yield the same results.
    This twist style grinder uses interlocking teeth to finely chop and grind your herb to the perfect consistency for any herb blend!

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