13.5 Large Gravitron Bong

Vendor: Grav Labs

Title: 13.5 Large

13.5 Large

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Grav Labs - Large Gravitron Bong.

This is where it all began for Grav Labs, the Gravitron Bong was first created by founder Dave Daily back in his college years.  After years of hard work and many improvements, it's this gravity bong that is infamous amongst the glass community.

The bong's unique design makes it the most efficient smoking device to be ever created. Easy to use, the Gravitron conserves all the smoke in the chamber. After igniting the chosen tobacco or dry herbs, the user raises the chamber until it's nearly out of the water. Then the user simply removes the bowl and proceeds to breath in the hit.

With a highly durable build and a very easy method of use, the Gravitron gravity bong has become a fan favourite over the years and will certainly carry on that way.

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13.5 Large