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Smokebuddy - Personal Secondhand Smoke Filters |

Keep your second hand smoke to your self with Smokebuddy filters, they’re specially designed to eliminate second hand smoke from the air around you.

The Smokebuddy company was founded in 2008 in Southern California, since then they have been producing exemplary quality air filters for the tobacco industry and the herb scene. They develop unique and original products that help those who enjoy joints reduce the level of secondhand smoke, the intensity of the odor, and airborne pollutants they produce when enjoying their herb.

Smokebuddy have been producing the finest personal air filters for those who enjoy smoking dry herb and tobacco for nearly a decade. Their specifically designed filter products help remove smoke and eliminate all smells and airborne toxins. Over all they drastically reduce secondhand smoke. Smokebuddy live by the motto “Keep Your Smoke To Yourself”, and their products are designed accordingly so that smokers and non-smokers alike will have a far more enjoyable experience in public.

The filter is easy to use, simply take a hit from your joint, bong, or pipe, and then exhale your smoke direckly into the front opening. You’ll notice that nothing comes out the opposite side but clean air! No toxins, no smoke, no smell! The filters are reliable and easy to use and will last you up to three hundred uses.

Though millions of people worldwide enjoy smoking herb it’s hard to deny that the second hand smoke comes with a whole host of problems. The first and most obvious problem is the smell which can be very distinctive and lingering. Some people may not have the option of a garden of their own to smoke in, and they may be forbidden from smoking in their house. Are they doomed to hang out their windows whenever they want to enjoy their herb? The Smokebuddy filter completely nutralises any smells, so you can enjoy your herb without the risk of defending yourself.

Another problem that second hand smoke is the host of toxins, carcinogens, and other harmful substances present in it! Secondhand smoke is a combination of what is called mainstream smoke, or the smoke that is breathed in and then exhaled by the smoker, and sidestream smoke, or the smoke that is burning off the end of the joint. Of the two sidestream smoke generally has higher concentrations of harmful chemicals.

Secondhand smoke is carcinogenic, this means that it increases the risk of certain cancers, particularly lung cancer. The toxins present in secondhand smoke can also cause other conditions such as heart disease.

It also puts people suffering from breathing disorders and heart disease at risk and it can risk making conditions such as asthma and bronchitis even worse.

For those who enjoy smoking their herb but also have children the risks of secondhand smoke are magnified. Smoking around young children can inflict serious illnesses on them and can increase the likelihood of them suffering from health problems in later life. Children are at an increased level of risk because their immune systems are underdeveloped, and it is also harder for children to avoid secondhand smoke due to their lack of autonomy and their lack of language skills to address the adult smokers.

 To protect your children from secondhand smoke you can do a couple of things; you can quit. Don’t worry quitting doesn’t mean that you have to give up on enjoying herb, you can buy a vaporizer from our web store! Or you can use a filter, and eliminate secondhand smoke!

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