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On Balance supply a range of high quality, precise digital weighing scales that will help you measure exactly how much you herb you are dividing out. They are perfect for crafts, measuring jewelery and culinary additives. Of course, they work on dry  herb too! Their scales feature easy to read, backlit displays that can show you the weight in imperial or metric. Their scales are also portable and discreet

On Balance’s scales are somewhat different from your average bathroom scales. They are far smaller and far more sensitive, capable of accurately measuring tiny amounts of weight. They are also far more precises, no rounding off to the nearest digit here! Of course, as they aren’t made to weigh a human they are also much smaller and easily stored.
We stock a massive range of scales in all shapes and sizes.The clamshell digital pocket scale is perfect for anyone who needs a portable scale. The digital pocket scale offers the same concept in a more classic design. The Mini Table Top MTT Digital Scale has a lid and bowl that you can seal your material into as you measure it. The Kilo Miniscale is another, versatile pocket scale.

The first weighing scales can be traced back to the 1700s where the earliest designs were credited to Richard Salter, an early scale maker. These scales relied on a springs to work and were often used in the early postal service to weigh letters and packages, allowing postal workers to work more quickly than they could with balance scales as they could ascertain the weights nearly instantly.

A spring scale judge's weight by measuring the amount of distance that the spring is compacted under a certain load. This compression is transferred over to what is called a balance which contrasts the torque on the arm as a result of the sample weight to the torque exerted on the arm due to a standardised weight using a type of lever. This complicated process works because spring scales measure the tension force of constraint acting on an object. They have to be carefully calibrated so that the weight put upon them will act in the same way it would as if it were put on any other surface. This type of scale can run afoul of two types of error the weight measured can actually vary with the strength of the local gravitational force. Thought this is something you shouldn’t really worry about with your measurements. The second error can be caused by the changing elasticity of the spring due to the ambient temperature. Again, you probably shouldn’t worry about this when you’re measuring at home.

As you can see, the scale is a very complicated and delicate system, however in the 1940s the first electronic digital scales were invented. They contained small nodes that converts pressure into an electronic signal. That way the weight could be measured without the need for a bizarre and complicated internal mechanism that can easily be damaged during transport, or even by the local gravity in your area! Today electronic scales are super accurate and affordable.

Measuring the mass of your smoking material can be very important as many kinds have a wildly varying array of densities and potency. For example an equal measurement of dry herb and dab concentrate will have a massive difference in potency; the dab concentrate will be much much higher in THC than the dry herb.

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