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Evolve-D Plus Coils

Evolve-D Plus Coils

Yocan Evolve-D Plus CoilsThese replacement coils for the Evolve-D Plus Vaporizer are known to make for a better heating experience while providing the strongest vapor production possible as each coil...
X-Linx Vaporizer Pen

X-Linx Vaporizer Pen

The X-Linx from Yocan is the very first vaporizer to dispense with standard 510 threading in favour of a space-age magnetic connection between the tank and the battery. Made from...

Yocan Evolve-D Plus Kit

Yocan Evolve-D Plus KitThe Evolve-D Plus dry herb vaporizer is sure to provide an extraordinary vaping experience. Built to last, this large,  pen-style herbal vaporizer features a very large heating...