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Smoking is one of the leading brands in the rolling paper industry. Their small booklets are the benchmark for quality in the rolling paper industry. On top of that they are one of the leading Spanish exporters, and considering the pedigree of the Spanish cigarette paper industry that’s a truly impressive feat.  With a market presence in five continents and more than 90 countries worldwide they are clearly giants in the smoking world. Today the majority of Smoking’s yearly production is for exportation to foreign markets. They enjoy a dominant position and massively high profile abroad. Smoking offer the widest assortment of rolling papers and accessories in the market. 

Cigarette papers are, at some point, a part of every herb fan’s kit. They can be used to construct what may be the most common method of enjoying herb, the joint. There is a strange level of artisanal pride among those who enjoy rolling, putting together a tidy joint evokes a feeling of accomplishment that is no doubt similar to the feeling a master painter gets when they apply the final brushstroke. Within rolling culture there are schisms, huge debates are heated fought over the correct technique, number of skins to use, and even the mix of the dry herb blend that forms the core of your joint. Whether you use two skins, three, or one large one you’re going to want to ensure that you roll with high quality paper.

Smoking provide a gigantic range of rolling papers to suit all tastes, they even go as far as to supply a range of all-natural hemp papers. Hemp fibre paper has been around for millennia, examples of it have been found in Chinese tombs that date back to the Han Dynasty of 147 bc. These artifacts are thought to be the first ever examples of rough paper made in Ancient China. Hemp is a fantastic material to make paper from and was employed across the world for this purpose for centuries. In the early 20th century its popularity began to decline due to political and market pressures. Despite this in the modern day it remains one of the most popular materials to make rolling paper out of. The advantages of hemp include its clean, organic fibres, and its slow, even, and smooth burn.

Industrial hemp is incredibly common in Europe, America, and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Hemp is a species of cannabis plant but it grown for its industrial applications rather than its psychoactive effects. It is an incredibly fast growing plant and for nearly half of human history it has been used to produce clothing, food, paper, insulation, and much, much more. Today it can be made into a range of products including biodegradable plastics and biofuels for sustainable power!

Smoking have a wide range of hemp papers including their rolling size eco-hemp for those who want to smoke ethically, and the regular sized pure hemp papers for those who want the purest hemp experience possible.

Papers come in a wide range of sizes, thickness, and shapes. Smoking ensure that their range caters to every single smoker out there, regardless of their preferences. Kingsize papers are a larger grade that allows the user to roll larger joints without having to affix multiple papers together, Smoking have a wide array of deluxe kingsize papers, blue rolling papers, green rolling papers, extra slim rolling papers  and ultrafine kingsize papers.

For those who prefer the slightly more portable regular sized papers then smoking provide a generous range! Their range includes extra slim silver rolling papers, deluxe medium papers for a higher quality roll, and regular green papers.

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